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Capturing Document Data into your system.

Any source, Any way

The Xtracta App is a web based service that extracts data from documents, removing the need for a human to manually enter that data into a computer system. Be the document an invoice, order, form or virtually anything the Xtracta App can capture data from it efficiently and automatically. 

Make Data Entry Easy

The Xtracta App is a data extraction service. With an ability to automatically capture data from a variety of document types, the App brings automation, simplicity and the power of A.I. (artificial intelligence) for data extraction to organisations of any size.

API Integration

Xtracta has recently developed its integration with WorkflowMax. You simply upload or email through your PDF supplier bill and Xtracta captures the material line items and allocates them to your jobs in WorkflowMax. Your jobs are costed in real time.   

At the same time Xtracta posts a Bill in Xero with a pdf copy of the invoice attached.

Advanced Data Tools

A.I Data Extraction

Powerful Dashboards

Easy Integration


Extensive Validation


Flexible Configuration

Simple Setup

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