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The payroll solution for successful businesses

iPayroll is a proven cloud-based payroll solution developed in New Zealand, for New Zealand businesses of all sizes. iPayroll provides an easy-to-use, feature-rich payroll solution so you can focus on your business. 

iPayroll makes it simple for you to run each pay and manage leave, tax, and employee records. And makes it easy for your employees to view their payslips, pay history, tax summaries, and apply for leave using the Employee Kiosk.

Future-proof Payroll

Our feature-rich payroll solution future-proofs your payroll process. To ensure we deliver reliable, simple, and proven features, we listen to our customers' feedback, keep on top of payroll legislation, and test our software robustly.

Payday Filing


Stay compliant with iPayroll. iPayroll is always up to date with legislation, so you will never have to worry about compliance again.

iPayroll will calculate and manage all deductions plus complete IR filing in accordance with payday filing. iPayroll was the first PAYE Intermediary to process payday filing with IR. For more information on what our plans include please see iPayroll's 'A plan to suit' section.

Integrate with the apps you already use

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