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The Set Me Up and Train Me! Plan

Get the base features set up for your business, plus online training sessions on Corecon key features to get you up and running


What you get:

  • Configuration of Corecon Settings and core modules, including:
    -Projects, Leads and Job Cost Codes
    -Contacts Database
    -Cost Database
    -Procurement and HR

    -Contracts Admin including Variations and Invoices
    -CoreconLink for Accounting Integration

  • Corecon Standard Form and Email Templates as included in standard Corecon Subscription*

  • Corecon Standard Reports and Dashboards as included in standard Corecon Subscription*

  • 1x Training project using Tradeworx training data

  • Includes the following standard Corecon Modules but does not include any allowance for of these:
    -QC & Safety
    -Approval Workflows
    -Custom Reports or Forms

  • Access to Corecon Help Centre and Getting Started Resources as included in standard Corecon Subscription*

  • Access to exclusive Corecon videos and FAQ developed by Tradeworx

+ GoToMeeting Training Sessions

3x 2.5 hour sessions on the following features:

  • Introduction and Basic Navigation

  • Contact Management

  • Leads overview

  • Project set up including contracts and budgets

  • Procurement

  • Subcontract Management

  • Change Management (Variations)

  • HR and Time Entry

  • Contract Admin including Invoices/Claims

  • Accounting System Sync

$5,500 excl GST

All training will be delivered using industry specific demo data.

*Corecon monthly subscription is payable directly to Corecon in USD per month. Please see Corecon Pricing for more information

For more information on how to get started please contact

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