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Allowing you to easily comply with your pre- and post-project handover requirements under the Building Act.

Buildinsite is a project handover tool that allows builders to easily meet the project completion requirements and creates a personalised Owner’s Manual.

Your client will receive the prescribed disclosure form, prescribed checklist and additional information in a professional looking email that you can customise with your logo.

Create a project and add information as it comes to hand (e.g, drawings, specifications, compliance information, contact details, insurances, guarantees, notes and photos).

Share the project with your client and others working on the job so everyone is on the same page and contributing.

Quickly meet your compliance requirements by providing your client with an 'Owner's Manual'. Your client receives this information in their own HomeOversite account - and you retain a copy for your own records.

Find the products used in the project and have warranty information pre-populated for you. And easily create a maintenance schedule for your client by simply ticking the features they have in their building.

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