Risk and Safety management software to help you create a safer workplace

Vault combines the best practice of health, safety, risk management and compliance in one comprehensive platform.

With all-in-one approach to EHS, businesses can easily meet and exceed their safety and compliance goals.

Health & Safety
• Create & share dashboards
• Review your processes
• Measure business performance


• Manage employee records
• Manage contractors
• Schedule & record staff training
• Manage 3rd party information

• Over 100 inbuilt reports
• Customise reports to meet the needs of your business


• Build audits
• Control multi-risk events
• Store & share key documents
• Assign accountabilities & follow up actions

Risk management
• Create emergency response plans
• Track events & incidents
• Document new processes
• Develop JSA’s

• Record & track PPE
• Manage the location, allocation and maintenance of plant & equipment